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Welcome to Cheyenne County, Kansas, located in the far reaches of North and West Kansas. Within Cheyenne County are the cities of Bird City-the only Bird City in the United States-and Saint Francis. You will find basic information on this site. Hopefully, this site will answer questions and at least get you headed in the right direction. Thanks for visiting

Cheyenne County Sheriff's Office is now offering Offender Watch. Learn more about it by going to the sheriff's home page.

Click here for the self guided tour of the Arikaree Breaks in Cheyenne County. If you'd like to download a brochure/map before your trip, click here.

Access your KPERS account online. Click Here.

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Kansas Elected Officials Representing Cheyenne County E

If you are looking for information on the Kansas Elected Officials that represent Cheyenne County, visit this pageHere you'll find candidate information and how to contact them. Vanansas Elected Officials Representing Cheyenne County

Cheyenne County Veterans

If you or your family member is or was a veteran and need assistance, please visit our Veterans' Page.  Cheyenne County has a Veterans' Service Representative that visits Cheyenne County twice a month.  Information can be found on the Veterans' Page.  Information on the Cheyenne County Veterans' book, Cheyenne County Veteran's in War and Peace 1900-2004, is located here.

Cheyenne County Address Books and Handicap Equipment

The Cheyenne County Clerk's office has Cheyenne County mailing address books. These books cost $5. The money is then used to purchase handicap equipment for county residents to use at no cost. Please call the clerk's office with any questions. (785)332-8800


USD 103 Cheylin School District

Cheyenne County shares a school district with our neighbors to the East, Rawlins County. Cheyenne County is the home county for this district. Bruce Bolen is the superintendent. Information about Cheylin and the Cougars can be found here.

USD 297 Saint Francis School District

Cheyenne County is home to the USD 297. St. Francis Community Schools are led by Superintendent Rob Schiltz. You can learn all about the Saint Francis Indians at the USD 297 Website.

Cheyenne County Museum

Cheyenne County's museum is located in Saint Francis along US Highway 36. Click here for more information about the Cheyenne County Museum.

Cheyenne County Development Corporation

If you need information regarding development opportunities within Cheyenne County, please contact Helen Dobbs, CCDC Coordinator. You can reach her by phone, (785) 332-3508, or by mail, PO Box 255, St. Francis, KS 67756, or by email.  You can also find Helen in the building located at 107 W. Washington (Main Street). Her days are Mon through Friday, 10-6 or by appointment. Click here for the website.

Cheyenne County Population Statistics

Cheyenne County, like much of Northwest Kansas, has seen a decline in population over the last few years. Statistics and resources can be found here.

Cheyenne County Hospital and Cheyenne County Health Department

Residents of Cheyenne County and surrounding counties have Cheyenne County Hospital services available to them. Thanks to the county's support, Cheyenne County Hospital now offers state of the art services. Take a look by visiting their site.  To learn about the Health Department services, click here.

Cheyenne County Cemeteries

Are you looking for information regarding Cheyenne County Cemeteries?  
Click here for a wonderful resource.



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